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Ciel d’automne (Irish Fiddle Tune) by Andre Brunet

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day – a lovely SLOW Irish Tune – please LISTEN to the You Tube Link – and you will fall in love with it too!!!

When you listen – watch where she puts the grace notes & turns – and how she does them – there are:

  • “Turns” – the given note – go up a scale tone and then back quickly (Inverted mordent) OR the given note – go down a scale tone and then back quickly (Mordent)
  • Grace Notes – start with the half step below the given note or start with the half step above the given note
  • Click this link for Examples

Listen – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLzkQq_dNkU

Ciel d’autumne (D)

About the Song:

This tune was written by the talented André Brunet from Québéc. He is a famous fiddler. He plays in a band called De Temps Antan and they are fabulous.