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Happy Days TV Show – 1975

I posted this as a Trio last year – under a lesson and I think NO ONE KNOWS it was there!!!  SO here it is on it’s own page and I turned it into a Quartet. AND I wrote the SAME bass line on all the parts. You can decide which section is to play the basses (only one section needed) AND SEEING the basses – really does help with the counting even if you do not play the basses!!

ALSO – this July 2016 – In Chicago – at the ATG CONVENTION – I will be conducting a PREP GROUP. This is designed for those accordionists that don’t feel they can play good enough to be in the Convention Orchestra or have no experience with group playing.

We will be doing some FUN SONGS – and this is the first of them!!!

So here are some practice hints for the player and the conductor.

  1. DO NOT PLAY LEGATO – even on the opening runs – play them “full value” but release after each note and between measures – even practice as a group STOPPING AT EACH MEASURE!!
  2. Measure #10 – 1st are to release their note – after the other parts have COMPLETED their 3rd NOTE! (Count 4 is only the other parts)
  3. Section #11 – YES – the 1st & 3rd can play Legato – (after they have HEARD it done detached – so they stay together)
  4. Section #19 – Mearue #19 & #20 – 1st – WATCH OUT – You will hit SQUARE on the 3rd count! AND all parts are back to NO LEGATO!
  5. Section #27 – 1st & 3rds can play Legato (after they have HEARD it done detached – so they stay together) 2nds can smush it all they want!!! You can even encourage them to FAKE some rhythmic patterns on their chords!!
  6. Section #19 WILL REPEAT – then you do the D.C. to the Coda
  7. Section #35 (CODA) – can be legato again for 1st & 3rds. EXCEPT – the Last 2 measures – every part NEED TO DETACH – almost ACCENT EACH NOTE!