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ATG Prep Group

atg welcome


Please plan to attend this year! AND take part with the Prep Group. There is nothing MORE FUN than to grab your accordion friends – and play together.

I am writing these arrangements especially for the ATG (Accordion Teacher’s Guild) in July 2016 in Chicago – where I will be conducting and teaching these arrangements! They are calling this the “Prep Group” – where they are encouraging the beginner to advanced intermediate accordionists with little or no experience playing with any kind of ensembles to have the opportunity to play with a group!!! AND this is for those of you that feel you are not GOOD ENOUGH to perform with the Festival Orchestra.

There is NO OBLIGATION to perform – this is only a rehearsal group! We will rehearse for 2 hours on Thursday and 2 hours on Friday. (I don’t believe you will miss any other workshops!)

  • Lollipop – The Chordettes 1958 (Thurs)
  • Surfin’ USA (Trio) – Beach Boys 1963 (Thurs)
  • Hey Jude – Beatles 1968 (Thurs-Fri)
  • Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond 1969 (Fri)
  • The Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel 1964 (Fri)

If it is RED – then the link is live to the parts. I will have the rest available within the next few weeks. Please select the HARDEST part you will have time to learn and PLEASE KEEP the same part for all the songs. If you play at the Palmer Hughes BK 4 or higher level – please select the parts with left hand (4th). I will only ask a few of you to actually play left hand! Surfin’ USA is only a Trio – so those that selected 3rd parts – please take 1st on this one and those that selected 4th parts please take 3rd on this one.

AND if these parts still look too hard to you – I am working to create 1 part for each that is REAL EASY – with NO 8th notes! – SOOO – email me (slee@shelialee.com) and I will send you those special parts! slee@shelialee.com I want EVERYONE TO PARTICIPATE!

AND remember – this could be your first time ever playing with a group – I PROMISE to make it FUN and you WILL LEARN A LOT! So do your best to learn the notes and review the practice tips at each link – and I will pull the rest together!!

You will pay a $5 fee for this music (on the ATG Registration Form) – This $5 will be my only compensation. The ATG Board is afraid this is NEW and no one will participate. Let’s please prove them wrong – sign up and download the music!!!

I will see you in Chicago!!