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Dundy Aipoalani has arranged some level 2 & 3 Solos!!

Thank you Dundy – these are great arrangements. He has a Roland Fr8x – so some even have the settings on the top of the song!!!

Please enjoy. This was really nice of him to share his arrangements

  • The colored notes in the print out – remind you of the key signature!!
  • AND if you have a difficult time with his bass styles – just play straight basses using his cues.
  • The dotted curved lines in the bass line are just to remind the player that the chord will remain the same for the rest of the measure.
  • Yesterday – Beatles 1965 (Solo/Duet/Trio) Solo level 3 – Duet Level 2.5
    • The melody is written in two part harmony. Separate these for 1st & 2nd (instant duet) – then add a bass player on the bass line – and you have a trio!
  • Piano man 2 verses with lyrics – Billy Joel 1973 – Solo Level 4

    • the bass style is: Hold the bass – then tap each chord and release the bass when you have played the 2nd chord. The Intro is a KILLER – but the other runs can be done!
  • I Love Paris arr. Dundy – Solo Level 2.5
    • the bass style is: no holding of bass under the chord – just hold it longer
  • Aloha ‘Oe – Farewell to Thee Solo level 2.5
    • the bass style is: Play the bass – hold it down and ADD the CHORD then release them together
  • Pearly ShellsSolo Level 3.5
    • the bass style is: Play the bass on the count then add the chord and re-hit the bass on the and of 2 or 4.
  • Tiny Bubbles – Don Ho 1966 Solo Level 2.5
    • This has a really cool bouncy bass line!!!

Dundy also has many more and some great Christmas Music – I will post later.