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PDF’s for Leavenworth Gazebo Music


We have people from our Accordion Club here in the Houston, TX area – that Travel all the way to Washington to attend this Accordion Celebration. They also have a competition for all ages!

Check it out: http://www.accordioncelebration.org/

They have greatly increased the number of songs they have included in their Gazebo Music collection. Here is a list of the songs for this year:

Leavenworth Gig Book 2016

  1. Ach! Du Leiber Augustin
  2. Alle Vogel sind schon da
  3. Basaglieri Polka
  4. Bella Mia
  5. Beer Barrel Polka (Key of G)
  6. Bury Me Not (DUET)
  7. Can-Can (Gallop from Orpheus) (DUET)
  8. Chicken Dance
  9. Country Garden (DUET)
  10. Die Musica
  11. Edelweiss
  12. Entertainer, The
  13. Freut Euch Des Lebens
  14. Give Me My Heart Back
  15. God Bless America (DUET)
  16. Greet Them At Home
  17. Happy Wanderer
  18. Hasselbysteppen
  19. Hejsan Grabbar
  20. It’s a Small World (DUET)
  21. Joan Pa Snippen
  22. Just Because
  23. La Golondrina (DUET)
  24. Life in the Finnish Woods
  25. Lili Marlene
  26. Pa Stattern
  27. Put Your Arms Around Me
  28. Red Raven Polka
  29. Redwing
  30. Saturday Waltz
  31. Scotland the Brave (DUET)
  32. Snow Waltz
  33. Sunrise, Sunset
  34. Trink, Bruderlein Trink
  35. Waltzing Matilda (DUET)
  36. Westphalia Waltz
  37. When It’s Springtime in the Rockies
  38. Wooden Heart
  39. Worried Man Blues (DUET)