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In May – I was really busy working on the arrangements for the ATG Prep Orchestra, planning the Accordion Cruise for this coming November, working hard on the Certificate Program Levels, and the Bi-Monthly LIVE lessons that went LIVE MAY 2, 2016. 8 PM Central Daylight Savings Standard US time. (Session 1B – Live Monday June 6 – 8 pm)

Here are the songs that were posted in May:

  1. All I Have to Do is Dream (1958) Solo/Ensemble
  2. Camptown Twist Ensemble
  3. Chicagoland Twirl Page 2 (Polka by Yakovic)
    1. Chicagoland Twirl Page 1
  4. Saltarella Tarantella
    1. Saltarella in G (written for Diatonic Accordion)
  5. Ballad of the Green Berets (Solo/Duet)
  6. A Teenager in Love BH – (Sight Reading from Live Lesson)
  7. The Old Piano Roll Blues – arr. by Bob Butchart
  8. Madame Butterfly selection (furnished by Alan Sissons)
  9. L’Ultima Parola Tango (furnished by Alan Sissons)
  10. Arrangements by Dunday
    1. Piano Man
    2. Yesterday
    3. Pearly Shells
    4. Tiny Bubbles
    5. Aloha ‘Oe
    6. I Love Paris
  11. There’s Something About That Name
  12. Macarena
  13. Hukilau

A Review from April:

Live Videos of Some of the Ensemble Arrangements on this site performed by The Norwich Accordion Band in England:

Live Videos of Some of the Solo Arrangements on this site performed by Dr. Alan Sissons (please send me your videos and I will feature them too!)

Leavenworth International Accordion Celebration

Collection of Music for playing in the Gazebo