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Honors Accordion Level 1 Session 1B

1st & 3rd Mondays – 8 PM CENTRAL DAYLIGHT SAVING (next live Monday June 20 Level 1 Session 2)

We made it through all the material! YEAH! – Except 6 songs in PH 1 – you are on your own on those! We will review those at the beginning of the next broadcast.

The largest motivation I have for doing all this – is that there are NOT ENOUGH ACCORDION TEACHERS out there these days – and those that do teach – are hurting for new and modern materials to use. AND here in the USA – there is NO Certification process – for future accordionists OR teachers and no accordion organizations that offers it.

These sessions will be recorded so you can catch it at another time – or use it for review. AND see that even though I am starting VERY LOW – I will have challenges for the advance beginner, the intermediate player and the teachers!

I will be teaching on a TRI-Level basis. Please print out material needed:

  • Level 1 Session 1 – no need to reprint – should already have from last lesson
  • Dizzy Fingers pg 5 – no need to reprint – should already have from last lesson
  • Ob-la-Di Ob-La Da – please print both arrangements out
  • Chord Positions All Keys – this is the CORRECT chart – please print
  • Teachers – Session 1 – no need to reprint – should already have from last lesson
  1. BeginnerReview 1a (Page 1 to 19)

    1. 1 PH Bk 1 – Keyboard – Session 1

      1. Review & Check off Songs and Drills
      2. Review pg 28 – answer questions
    2. Session 1A – Fill out the Theory Book through the Review Pg 3 to 9
  2. Beginner – Session 1b (pg 17 to 27)
    1. Technique Drill #2 pg 23 – Intro to C, F & G Scales, Arpeggios, and 4 note M Chord
    2. Sight Reading – Go ‘Way, Merrily We Play Along (on your own)
    3. Intro to LegatoSaturn Waltz pg 25 and Horse Sense
    4. The Donkey, Jingle Bells (Write in Bass Chord Bass Chord pattern)
    5. Join the Fun! & Charlie the Chimp (Write in Alternating basses)
    6. Assignment
      1. Record yourself playing 1 song in 4/4 and one song in 3/4
      2. Be proud enough of the recording to post to You Tube and send the link!
      3. Answer Questions pg 29
  3. Intermediate – Chords and 1 Advanced Solo
    1. Dizzy Fingers page 5 (Last 4 lines only)
    2. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (Lead Line)
    3. Ob-La-Di Ob-La Da (full accordion arr)
    4. Chord Positions All Keys (Correction – wrong one posted last week)
      1. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da – Chords Only
  4. Teacher – How to relate these ABOVE skills to your students
    1. 1 PH Bk 1 – Workbook Level 1 Session 1
      1. Review Teacher Book pg 15 to 17
      2. Teachers – video all songs from this session – two speeds – Slow and Performance
    1. We have already done the Level 1 Session 1 assignment – last lesson

When you have completed your assignments (Teacher and/or Student) – and submitted your videos and theory assignments – YOU HAVE COMPLETED LEVEL 1 SESSION 1!! Level 1 – has 9 more sessions that will complete PH Bk 1 & 2.

If you have paid for this session (1a & 1b) ($30 total or discounted $270 for the entire 10 session) – I will MAIL you your Master or Performance CERTIFICATE! Only 9 more session to your PLAQUE! for Performance or Master (Teacher & Student)

Please have these Books ready:

How do you “satisfy” a session level?
These sessions will be password protected because there is a $30US charge for each Session Level ($10 more for Teacher) – (this could take several 1 hours sessions to cover 1 Session level). I am showing this first session level – so you can get an idea of the intensity of the materials that will be covered. To receive your certificate or plaque – your fees will need to be paid.

  • There will be written assignments that are to be turned in!
  • There will be playing assignments that you will video yourself and post.
  • With these accomplished – you will receive a “PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE“! for that Session Level.
  • Those going for the Teacher Certificate – will only have a few more assignments to turn in and you will receive the “MASTER CERTIFICATE“! for that Session Level.
  • There are two certificates available. Performance and Master (Teacher & Performance)
  • WHEN the 10 sessions for that level is accomplished – you will receive a WOODEN PLAQUE denoting the Performance or Master Classification!!!