Can’t find the C Bass?

The hardest thing for beginner accordion players – is FINDING THE C BASS on a 48, 60, 72, 96 or 120 bass accordion! Some students even sit and watch their left hand in a full length mirror!

We know it is located in the MIDDLE (Vertically)!

  • SO start with your wrist in the middle of the bass strap
  • Reach beyond your basses to the front edge of the Counterbass ROW
  • Line your fingers up vertically (all of them 2 – 3 – 4 – 5)
  • Run all your fingers UP AND DOWN the Counterbass row
  • THEN move back one row and run ALL YOUR FINGERS up and down
  • WITHIN moving up or down 1 button – ONE of your fingers will FEEL the C Button!

HINT – by reaching all the way to the inside of the Counterbass row – You are also positioning your WRIST DEPTH through the bass strap CORRECTLY!!!

  • When you pull back to the bass row – DO NOT pull wrist out – you will curl your fingers!!! YEAH!!!
  • Your finger attack position on the bass buttons – should be STRAIGHT DOWN – just like if you had long fingernails – the fingernails would GO INTO THE BUTTON HOLE!

Some people JUST CAN’T FEEL the hole or the rhinestone that marks C Bass!

Does your C bass have the diamond in it? Or does not?

If you have diamond(s) – Some times the diamonds are TOO SMOOTH to feel – though they ride higher – so take tweezers and dig around the diamond and remove it. Be sure and HOLD the button in position with needle nose pliers. This will leave a depression – that might be easier to feel. DO NOT USE fingernail polish remover to remove the glue – that will melt the button.

AND if you don’t have diamond(s) – you can add diamonds – to the buttons that already have depressions (get pointed back ones) or to buttons with no depression – get flat back stones)

I would first use only tacky glue to affix the diamonds – to make sure that they will make the buttons easier to feel. Then permanently affix them.

OR if you only have a hole and you don’t want to add a diamond – you can “melt” the edges. You will need a needle nose pliers. Hold the the button in place – so it won’t push into the machine. Take a paper clip – heat it from a flame like a lighter or gas stove and gently – on its side – push it into the side of the hole in the button. This should BUBBLE up the plastic of the button enough to create a raised “pimple”. Do the same for the opposite side of the hole. A dremel (engraving drill) helps too!

If you need to mark your E Bass (4 above C) or your Ab Bass (4 below C ) Do the same with the hot paperclip. This time just push it straight in to create a pimple in the middle. A dremel (engraving drill) helps too!

Some of the newer accordions – have a HARDER plastic for the buttons – They won’t melt!!! SOO you will have to HOLD the button with the pliers and use a medal file and scrape lines vertically and horizontally on the button. A dremel (engraving drill) helps too!

From there – it is just practice and patience – you will learn to “hone” in on it – just like a Radar Beacon!!!

Hope this helped.