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1st & 3rd Mondays – 8 PM CENTRAL DAYLIGHT SAVING – Next – Mon. Aug 15 8pm Central (we are finally back on track – welcome to the 3rd Monday!)

The largest motivation I have for doing all this – is that there are NOT ENOUGH ACCORDION TEACHERS out there these days – and those that do teach – are hurting for new and modern materials to use. AND here in the USA – there is NO Certification process – for future accordionists OR teachers and no accordion organizations that offers it.

These sessions will be recorded so you can catch it at another time – or use it for review. AND see that even though I am starting VERY LOW – I will have challenges for the advance beginner, the intermediate player and the teachers!

I will be teaching on a TRI-Level basis. Please print out material needed:

  • Level 1 Session 2B – See Below
  • Dizzy Fingers pg 4 & 5 – please print pg 4 (should already have printed)
  • 1 Sleep, Sleep – (Du, Du, Liegst Mir Im Herzen)  should have from last session
  • Que Sera Sera Alternating Basses (Tonight’s Sight Reading)
  • 2 Favorite Polka Solo – Additional Solo
  • Drink To Me Only – 1st song in PH Bk 2 (print if you don’t have bk 2)
  • Camptown Races – 2nd song in PH Bk 2 (print if you don’t have bk 2)
  • Chord Positions All Keys this is the CORRECT chart – should already have
  • Teachers – Level 1 Session 2B – I will get the print out polished and get posted here


  1. Beginner – Session 2B

    1. We did a fantastic Review in 1C and starting 2A

      1. Review C, F & G Scales – now 2 octaves (adding the first 4 bass notes)
      2. Intro to 4 note Bass Scales
    2. Book Lesson Songs
      1. 1 Sleep, Sleep – (Du, Du, Liegst Mir Im Herzen)  Review with Bass Solo
      2. Intro to Counterbasses (please print) (should have from last session)
      3. The Can-Can (Hand moves) PH Bk 1
      4. Vegetables on Parade (Too Fat Polka) PH Bk 1
      5. All with backtracks
      1. Review Reading Lines and Spaces BOTH HANDS
    1. Beg. Sight Reading – Que Sera Sera & Favorite Polka
    2. Intro to PH 2 – First 2 Songs
    3. Theory Book through the Review 21
  2. Intermediate – Chords and 1 Advanced Solo
    1. Dizzy Fingers Pg 4 (you already have pg 5)
    2. Add Chords to Sight Reading Songs
    3. Chord Positions All Keys 
  3. Teachers – How to relate these ABOVE skills to your students
    1. Reinforce – reading left hand staff
    2. Teachers – video all songs from this session – two speeds – Slow and Performance
    1. Theory Book – section to 10-13, ear training and the review (pg 21)
    2. I will review these with you on the live broadcast
    3. Fill in the TEST at the back of Book 1 and we will check these off in Session 2C
  5. Assignment – master these new songs and techniques