Mae West and the Count

WOW -What a Fantastic Book!!!

I have been privileged to speak to Count Guido Roberto Deiro and what a fantastic man this is. He is the son of “THE” Guido Deiro – THE ACCORDION KING!!!! He has just written a book about the life “as he first hand” recalls it of his Father and the fantastic contribution to the Accordion World that he made.

I have just finished reading the book and I must say – WOW is not a big enough of explanation of how great this book reads, how great the FACTS are presented, and most of all how great Guido Deiro was. (and yes he was a Count too!)

The most fascinating parts concerned his prolific contributions to the accordion world that has long been “wrongfully” attributed to his brother Pietro Deiro!

The book is titled – Mae West and the Count. Yes – he was married to Mae West!!! and YES – Mae West was married!!!


It is available on Amazon or any bookstore. The Publisher is Outskirts Press, Inc. Paperback – ISBN: 978-1-9772-0740-1

To quote another review – “Mae West & The Count takes you inside Mae’s relationship with the man who launched her career and stole her heart. Set in the first half of the 20th Century, this is the heretofore untold story of the torrid romance, lust-filled five-year marriage, and entwined show business careers of the Vaudeville headliner “Deiro” and the “Queen of CampMae West. ”

Unpublicized by mutual agreement, the improbable, humorous, and often heartbreaking, personal and professional relationship between the Italian nobleman, who rose to “rock-star” fame, and the Brooklyn-born fifth-grade dropout who became a show business legend and an icon of sexual freedom, is intimately and elegantly exposed in this volume.

“I couldn’t help myself – “D” was an amazing lover. The sex thing was terrific with this guy. I wanted to do it morning, noon and night, and that’s all I wanted to do. “
-Mae West, Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It (1959).

“It went very deep, hittin’ on all the emotions. You can’t get too hot over anybody unless there’s somethin’ that goes along with the sex act, can you?”
-Mae West, Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It (1959).

About the author and son – Count Guido: Retired after successful careers in casino gaming, aviation, and real estate sales, Guido Roberto Deiro resides with his wife, Joan Marlene, at their estate Villa Kismet in the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada. The writing of Mae West & The Count – Love and Loss on the Vaudeville Stage came about because of an instruction given to the author by his father, Count Deiro, shortly before his father’s demise:

Never forget that I introduced and made popular the piano-accordion, and tell everyone, including someday your children, who I was and what I did with my life. And if Mae West ever says anything to you, I want you to listen to her…she could have been your mother.”

The author hopes that the publication of this biographical novel meets his late father’s imperative.