Play Lists

Play Lists

Welcome to the Play Lists page. I am creating CATEGORIES on this page that will either have the linked songs or will link to the blog page. There are SOOOO many songs that can fall into these categories – I will attempt to give you easy (and harder) selections to learn and perform – to cover all occasions. (If the name is RED – it is a LIVE LINK) Otherwise – please search the site.

AND remember – you will need special songs for: Church, Funerals, Weddings, Birthdays, Dedications, Holidays, Barbeques, even Parades – Ethnic Festivals and picnics. ALSO see the Post for Play list ideas – Link – Play List Suggestions

If the lists get large – I will create a PAGE just for that Category:

  1. Link – German/Polish/Czech/Bavarian (Octoberfest Post)
  2. Link – All Time BEST Love Songs
  3. Link – Accordion Duets & Ensembles

French (Musette)

  1. Ambiance Musettienne, page 1
    1. Ambiance Musettienne, page 2 NEW
  2. La Mer (Beyond the Sea) Level 2 NEW
  3. La Vie En Rose Level 2
  4. Les Bicyclettes de Belsize Level 3
  5. Sous le Ciel de Paris Piano Keyboard (Under Paris Skies) level 5
    1. Under Paris Skies_Accordion 2 DUET (Under Paris Skies) level 2
    2. Under Paris Skies_Accordion 1 SOLO/DUET (Under Paris Skies) level 2
  6. L’accordeonistaEdit Piaf – Level 1.2
  7. Domino Valse – level 2
    1. Domino-1950-Duet
  8. ca_gaze (Java)
  9. Valse Bleue
  10. Quand on fait le même chemin (solo/duet)
  11. Valse d’Amelie duet accordion1
    1. Valse d’Amelie duet accordion2
  12. Mon Amant de St. Jean – Level 3
  13. Pas Si Simple – Level 3
  14. Sous les ponts de Paris (Under the Bridges of Paris)
  15. Under The Bridges Of Paris (little harder)
  16. I Love Paris Easy Lead Line 
    1. I Love Paris pg1 (a little Harder) – Key of Eb – Both Hands
    2. I Love Paris pg2
    3. I Love Paris pg3
    4. I Love Paris arr. Dundy NEW
  17. Milord Level 2.5 (Edith Piaf)
  18. Valse Chinoise NEW


  1. Al di là

  2. Speak Softly Love (1st-Solo) (Godfather Theme)
  3. That’s Amore
  4. Tarantella Napoletana Piano Keyboard (Wedding) level 5
  5. The Wedding Tarantella level 2 (same as above but easier)
  6. O Sole Mio (It’s Now or Never)
    1. O Sole Mio 1stpg1 (Duet)
  7. Santa Lucia
  8. Vieni sul Mar (Italian)
  9. Marie Elena – Level 3
  10. Mona Lisa
  11. Saltarella Tarantella (also for Diatonic) NEW


  1. Besame Mucho 1st:Solo w-fills (Solo/Duet/Trio)
  2. Spanish Eyes – C (I will also post this in Key of G)
  3. Adios Muchachos (Tango) arr. by Mario Pedone
  4. La Cumparsita (Tango) arr. by Mario Pedone
  5. Lady of Spain Lead Line
  6. More (Solo/Duet/Trio)
  7. Por una Cabeza (Solo/Duet)
  8. Yours (Quiereme Mucho) (Love – Latin)
  9. Libertango
  10. La Paloma (Tango) (Duet)
    1. La Paloma duet (Level 3)
  11. Dating Game Theme Song (Tijuana Taxi)
  12. Amor
  13. La Partida – Tango Vals
  14. Brazil
  15. South of the Border (down Mexico Way)

Country Music (Grammy, CMA, CMT)

  1. Ring of Fire (Level 1-3)+ Duet #4 on CMT Top 100 of all Time
  2. Rocky Top
  3. El Paso Level 2 Solo #42 on CMT Top 100 of all Time
  4. Blues Eyes Crying in the Rain Solo-1st #23 on CMT Top 100 of all Time
  5. I Can’t Stop Loving You- Single Note level 3 #49 on CMT Top 100 of all Time, #40 BMI Top 100 of the Century
  6. Desperado level 3.5– #46 on CMT Top 100 of all Time
  7. You Are My Sunshine KEY F – #73 on CMT Top 100 of all Time
  8. Ramblin’ Rose 1962
  9. Crying – Grammy Hall of fame – Country Grammy 1987
  10. The Gambler
  11. Tennessee Waltz Level 2
  12. On the Road Again
  13. Folsom Prison Blues (Lead Line)
  14. Help Me Make it Through the Night NEW

Other Ethnic – Klezmer, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, etc. – will have it’s own page next month

  1. 01 Alunelul – Accordion Am (Romanian Folk Dance)
  2. Bella Ciao – Ensemble
  3. Calle Schewens Vals – (Swedish)
  4. Danube Waves (Famous Romanian Tune)
  5. Dark Eyes (Ochi Chërnye) Ukranian/Gypsy folk song
  6. El Condor Pasa (Peru)
  7. Hava Nagila
  8. LILLY -Iceland 4 parts Waltz
  9. Korobushka Accordion Am (Russian)
  10. Kalinka (Russian)
  11. Katyusha (Katusha) (Russian) NEW SOLO & Trio
  12. Lonely Accordion arr by Shelia (Russian)
  13. Metsäkukkia Level 3 Solos (Finnish Waltz)
    1. Metsäkukkia Duet Score ATG
    2. Metsäkukkia Duet Score ATG – Part 1
    3. Metsäkukkia Duet Score ATG – Part 2
  14. Minka – Variations (At least the first 2 pgs are level 1)
  15. Miserlou
  16. Oh, What A Woman (Ohk, Kakaya Zhenzhina!) Russian
  17. Säkkijärven Polkka (Finnish Polka)  Key of Cm
  18. Säkkijärven Polkka (Finnish Polka) Key of Am (easier Key)
  19. Sherele – Klezmer
  20. Zemer Atik Accordion Am (Hebrew Dance)
  21. Zorba’s Dance level 4
  22. Zorba the Greek score
    1. Zorba the Greek bass accordion
    2. Zorba the Greek 4th accordion
    3. Zorba the Greek 3rd accordion
    4. Zorba the Greek 2nd accordion
    5. Zorba the Greek 1st accordions


  1. Annie Laurie
  2. Black Velvet Band
  3. Ciel d’automne (Irish Fiddle Tune)
  4. Danny Boy (Londonderry Aire) (Solo/Duet/Trio)
  5. Englisher Shiffsjungentanz Piano Keyboard Piano Keyboard (Sailor’s Hornpipe)
  6. Far Away (Bmin) by Peter Jung
  7. Galway Bay simple lead (accompaniment exercise Key of F)
  8. Gan Ainm Jig Key of C
  9. Haste to the Wedding – D Jig
  10. Irish Jigs, Reels, & Hornpipes
  11. Irish Washerwoman
  12. Kerry Dance arr by Shelia
  13. Sea Chanty (What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor)
  14. Waltz of the Floating Bridge
  15. Wearing of the Green

Scottish (January 25th in the UK – “Burns Night”) from Dr. Sissions

  1. Wind on the Heath-level 1.5
  2. Valse Gitaine (trio) level 1.5
  3. Northern lights of old Aberdeen – level 1.5
  4. Billy’s Slow Air – Scottish Duet 
  5. The Furrows End – collection for accordion & fiddle

British (English)

  1. A Roving (British Sea Chanty)
  2. Greensleeves
  3. Star of the County Down (English)


  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Because He Lives
  3. Do Lord
  4. Family of God
  5. Fairest Lord Jesus NEW
  6. Freely, Freely NEW 
  7. He
  8. He Touched Me
  9. Holy is Your Name by Mark Haas NEW
  10. How Great Thou Art (Solo/Trio)
  11. I’ll Fly Away Key of C level 1
  12. Jesus Loves Me
  13. Kumbaya My Lord
  14. Let’s Just Praise the Lord
  15. The Lord’s Prayer
  16. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  17. This Little Light of Mine
  18. The Old Rugged Cross (Solo/Trio)
  19. There’s Something About That Name NEW
  20. Will the Circle be Unbroken
  21. Wings of a Dove


  1. Anchors Aweigh – US Navy (Solo/Duet/Trio)
    1. Anchors Aweigh Second Accordion
    2. Anchors Aweigh Third Accordion
  2. Ballad of the Green Berets (Solo/Duet) NEW
  3. This Land Is Your Land
  4. I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy
  5. The Wild Blue Yonder – US Airforce
  6. America (Solo/Duet)
    1. America Part 2
  7. America, the Beautiful
  8. God Bless America (Solo/Duet/Trio)
    1. God bless America Accordion 3
    2. God bless America Accordion 2
  9. Dixie (lead line)
  10. The Eyes of Texas
  11. Deep in the Heart of Texas
  12. God Bless the U.S.A NEW

Tex/Mex (Norteno/Conjunto/Tejano)

  1. Las Gaviotas
  2. Tampico Hermoso
  3. Nuevo Laredo
  4. Flor de Capomo
  5. Te Vas Angel Mio
  6. Viva Seguin – Simple Both Hands – Simple Both Hands
  7. Volver Volver in Thirds (Mariachi)
  8. 1 De Colores (Mariachi)
  9. 01 Ay Jalisco (Mexican Polka)
  10. Jesusita en Chihuahua (Jesse’s Polka)
  11. El Circo – Harder  (Alabama Jubilee)
  12. La Gallinita

Wedding (Ceremony Songs)

Strauss Waltzes

 Summer Songs

TV Themes

Silly Songs

Coming Categories:

  • Academy Awards
  • Grammy Awards






9 thoughts on “Play Lists”

  1. Marie Kerr said:

    OMG this site is so great I have started an accordion group Named “Accordion Revivalists”.We have just done our very first gig for the Armistice Day celebrations and I have printed some of this music for our group I am no expert or teacher and have pointed some of the group to your lessons on you tube I do have a couple that are in the very first stage of learning so I am trying to get them started. I really do hope you restart your lessons thank you so so much for your blog

    • Shelia Lee said:

      Hi Marie, I am starting more filming of the lesson materials this month – please tune in. Are you on my subscribe list? You will them get a notice when they go live.

  2. Jeanine engen said:

    Sheila, this is the most wonderful sight we Mn accordion players hv seen!
    Thank you for offering it to us! The music is written /w large notes.
    It is the best!!!

  3. Mary Lee Treter said:

    Hi, My dad played the accordion by ear and one off his favorite songs to play was I want to be in Chicago Town. When my dad passed away, my mom gave our son my dad’s accordion. I would like him to learn this song to play for my mom. Would you happen to have the sheet music for it? He’s never played the accordion, but has had piano lessons. Is there a way you can teach him this song if he needs some help? Thanks!

    • Hi Mary, I honestly had to look up the song – I have never heard it. It sounds like an old fashioned carousel song!!! AND yes – your song can play the accordion – if he knows the keyboard – he might need a few pointers on how to use the bellows and the left hand basses – which I can help him with via Skype – on line!!! I will have to look high and low for the music – I will try for you

  4. ted grauman said:

    Thank you for doing all this This is a wonder full site
    Ted Graumann Ashland Oregon Frida and Teds Accordion Shop

  5. hi your blog is very useful can you tell the password for the songs

  6. Hi Shelia!
    Having heard your name and teaching website mentioned often by my close friend Charlie Kapchinsky, I have to personally thank you for your unique gifts. It is quite obvious you have not only an abundance of skill, knowledge and creativity, but the love and passion for your craft really shines! Your website is truly a blesseing for all accordionists/ musicians “in progress”!. Without having met you personally, I can really sense your passion, humour and quest for sharing your knowledge and music.
    I thank you for your gifts and really look forward to your future emails. Incidently, I will be sending a small contribution

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