Shelia Lee

Please enjoy this Blog – it is designed for the Beginner to Advanced Intermediate Accordionist whom desire to embellish their current accordion performance level. Shelia does not profess to be a teacher of International Award Winning Students – she is simply a GOOD TEACHER for playing GOOD ACCORDION and HAVING FUN while you learn!

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About Shelia

Shelia Spracklen Lee is a unique accordionist. She has played the accordion her entire life and has operated a music school twice – one for 14 years in Dayton Ohio under the name of Shelia’s Accordion Conservatory – where she had over 300 students that competed at the ATG and other local competitions. Her advanced group called the Spitfires – won several National Titles in Pop Band, Open Band, Virtuoso Band, and Showband.

In Ohio – she had her own combo that performed on average 4 times weekly – Standards and Pop with ethnic thrown in when needed. She also strolled in various German and Italian Restaurants. She relocated back to her hometown of Houston in 1992 – where the accordion went into a closet – for the lack of finding a good band to play with and a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
In 2008 – after a devastating Hurricane (IKE) – took her home, her job (computer instructor at University of Texas Medical Branch), and her savings (remember the stock market crash Sept 2008) – Shelia had to do some major changes in her life.

She opened Houston Accordion Performers – in 2009 – and currently has 6 teachers and about 125 students on Piano, Chromatic (B & C) and Diatonic accordion. In 5 short years – she has also authored many instructional DVDs and books for the diatonic accordion as well as a complete FREE Video series teaching the Palmer & Hughes Lesson Book 2 & 3.

Shelia loves to TEACH. Shelia loves to share the fun she has on the accordion. Her idle was Sylvia Marie! Oh – her enthusiasm for performance. AND another idle – Joan Sommers – Oh her ability to teach such fantastic performers – and still PLAY herself at over 80 years old!

Shelia has been immersed in Tex/Mex music for the past 5 years and this BLOG will be a BREATHE of FRESH AIR for her. AND – Shelia knows herself – if she promises you this Blog – with all the exercises and songs – she will be FORCED to do it.

SOOO please join in the FUN – and let her know what you want – she will love to help you become the accordionist you want to be!!

AND remember – though this is a LABOR OF LOVE – Shelia still needs to EAT! SO for the simple price of one private lesson per month – you can help support this site and further the efforts of Shelia to contribute these fantastic accordion arrangements and exercises.



24 thoughts on “Shelia Lee”

  1. Dale Johnson said:

    Dear Shelia, I just came across your sight while looking for sheet music for Oberkrainer style music. I am a retired senior in my 3rd year of Accordion and having a blast learning Accordion. I appreciate so much what your doing with this blog and the fact that you actually know what Oberkrainer style music who the Father of it is “Slavko Avsenik.” I love to listen to this style music and with your Level 3 version sheet music of Trumpet Echo I will soon be able to play it!!!!! I am also looking for a song book to play more of these great Polkas and Waltzes. I will donate to you blog shortly. Keep up the good work, I will look forward to being more a part of your blog as I grow with Accordion.

  2. Roland Humbs said:

    Hi Shelia,
    I am originally from Germany. When I was 8 years old I started to play and I got lessons till I was 16. Then I had stopped for over 30 years. Now I am living in the U.S. and I started again. I take lessons now as well. I am so excited that I found your blog! Thank you very much for the pw you have sent me! Your blog is marvellous!!

    Best wishes

  3. What a great site! I’m a beginner player and find this all so helpful. I’m sorry to ask here but I can’t find your email on any of the blog pages; am hoping to get a PW to access some of the sheet music?
    Thanks very much!

    • Shelia Lee said:

      Hi Bobbie,
      Thank you for visiting. I have emailed you the passwords. My email is and I do have it posted on the opening page – near the bottom. Please keep me posted on your progress.


  4. Hello! I am a new accordion player coming from a background in piano. I am working to play with a swing band specifically to play for swing dancers. Are there any recommendations for bass rhythm patterns for the left hand that are very typical “swing”. I will mostly be practicing off of lead sheets.

    Thank you!

    • Shelia Lee said:

      Hi Megan,
      Fantastic news that you are playing the accordion with a swing band. I would suggest – you start by learning your bass and counterbass rows – so that you can “walk” the bass lines. Please start with “It”s All About that Bass” May 2015 article – then move to: “Advanced Bass Work” April 2015 – And you need to know the Boogie Bass – “In the Mood” and then see how you do with this one: “Jazz Chord Chart” Jan. 2015. Please email me if you need any passwords – they are free – I just need to know your email address. Good Luck. Please keep me posted on your progress. Shelia

  5. Becci Byrne said:

    Hi Sheila, I found you! This blog and series of lessons is so generous and entertaining. I have already learned so much and am champing at the bit to learn more from you. Thanks for your fantastic enthusiasm and great sense of humor.

  6. Tom Dorigatti said:

    I”m looking for an arrangement of the Theme from Titanic that isn’t 5-7 pages long. I’ve found several arrangements, but they are piano/vocal/guitar and all are from 5-7 pages long.
    Do you have an arrangement of this on your site? If so, where can I find it.

    I just found out about this site last evening. I’ve played accordion since I was 7 years old (with a 10 year layoff out of junior high and college, and a 2nd one over the past 4 years). I just joined an accordion band in August, 2015 and I’m having the time of my life.
    So happens my oldest daughter lives in Cypress, TX….so…next trip down, We will have to get together somehow and “jam!”

  7. Karen Brockman said:

    Sheila, you are so awesome and generous with your music arrangements. I just started playing my accordion again after almost 50 years. I am looking for the Air Force song “Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder”. I have all the other military services songs ( Marines Hymn, etc.) and your version of the Army song (Caissons Go Rolling Along.) Do you have an arrangement for the accordion for the Air Force Song?

    • Shelia Lee said:

      Hi Karen,
      YES – it is listed as WILD BLUE YONDER – on the Accordion Directory Page or on the Play List under Patriotic. Thank you for your compliment.

  8. I am looking for a duet called “Fantasy on 3 notes” and I thought I’d check in here…. thank you for promoting The Accordion!

  9. WOW Shelia!!! You are one prolific artist and arranger! You ramble off more music than there is in existence!! Just kidding girl, we “accordionists in progress” really appreciate your talents and thank you for your continued benevolence. Are you familiar with Ennio Morricone and his influence in the music for many wonderful movies? “Here’s To You”, Theme from “A Fistfull of Dollars”, “Once Upon A Time In America”, and “Once Upon A Time In The West”, just to name a few popular movie scores. Down the road, perhaps one of Morricone’s arrangements could be a possibility. Nevertheless Shelia, we are thankful for what you choose to create. Cheers, Larry (from Canada).

    • Shelia Lee said:

      Hi Larry, thank you so much. I have always wanted to do “the Good the Bad the Ugly”!!!! He uses such strange sounds in his compositions – whistle, voice, snaps, – I don’t know if a solo on any instrument can pull it off!!! It might have to be a duet or trio to get all the layers to his songs!!! BUT just for you Larry – I will put this on my TO DO list!! Thanks Again. Shelia

  10. Hello, Shelia…I am loving your arrangements and wondering if you have one, I haven’t found, for Til There Was You? Hope so. Thanks for all you do for those of us who would love to be as good as you are.

  11. Bobb Gorena said:

    Hi Shelia, hope you remember me, I’m the older guy (late 40’s) who was in the diatonic group with the kids late last year (2014) and earlier this year in Pasadena. Hope things are going well for you! I’m writing because I’m interested in starting up in the chromatic accordion, just some cursory internet research suggests that there are a lot more options in the piano accordion than the chromatic button, so I’m thinking that’s the way I’m headed. I was wondering if you are still doing Skype lessons, and if so if you would have space for me? I see that you are also listed on Take Lessons so I will also contact you through them just in case. Thanks Shelia!!!

    Bobb Gorena

  12. Hi Sheila,
    i found you on you tube. i have took piano accordian lessons along time ago. my dad was german and boy did he love is polka music,like no other. i saw on your video,and now i’m thinking the button box is much easier to learn.i miss my mom and dad so much.and now at 58 yrs.old i really want to start playing again. if you can please teach me. i love how easy you make it look. Carol

    • Shelia Lee said:

      Button Accordion is really FUN – BUT and I mean BUT – you have different notes in and different notes out – and you are really limited to only playing in a few keys. If you have a background with the piano accordion – I would suggest getting a smaller piano accordion with large keys – maybe a 48 or 72 bass and getting back in the squeeze.

      • Hi Sheila,
        thank you for the advice. can you recommend what kind i should buy? i was looking at your music sheets this morning. i know it has always been in me to play,but my biggest down fall is learning how to read music.

      • Shelia Lee said:

        I would suggest – looking a the Certificate link at the top of the blog page. There is a Theory book you can order from Alfred Publishing – that is self taught and will help you learn to read music. ALSO – even though you can play already – you can use the Certificate Program to get you off on the right foot – reading, counting, and playing fun tunes too! Please keep me posted

  13. Thank you for this great blog site. I also enjoyed listening to your songlist. Just one little correction: the song name is “Liechtensteiner Polka” , not “Leithensteiner”. The composer was Will Glahé , one of the most famous german accordionists. Regards from Germany

  14. Hi Sheila,
    I just found your website this morning thru the greater American Accordion Society. My name is Sandy Bauman and I live in Michigan. I have been playing the accordion for 51 years. I took accordion lessons for 2 years from a little German woman named Tina Kennedy in Saginaw, Mi.when I was 12 Years old. A few years ago I retired from teaching Kindergarten for 35 years. I have been spending time once again with my beloved accordion. I am currently working on book 6 of Palmer -Hughes Accordion Course. During the 60’s I played the cordavox in a variety band. BTW… I still have the cordavox. Last May, I purchased a Roland FR-3X. I have spent the last 11 months, exploring this new digital accordion. It can be pretty frustrating and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I look forward to visiting your site in the future.
    Best wishes,
    P.S. I will value any advice you can give me.

    • Hi Shelia:
      I’m a 77 year old and have been trying to learn the accordion for almost 2 years. I get frustrated with my slow progress.

      I also have the Roland 3X and it can be very intimidating if you get bogged down with trying to learn All the functions. Downloaded the editor and fooled with sets etc. then a wonderful thing happened. I was fortunate to have met a professional 3X accordion player, Simon Shapiro, check out his web site.

      Simon advised me to ignore all the programming and just enjoy the accordion. It’s a marvelous instrument and has more than enough voicing right out of the box. He also advised me to spend my time doing exercises and playing songs.

      Simon is phenomenal and says he knows he may only use 30% of the capability of the accordion, but it’s more than enough to play in all the ethnic styles. Please read and listen to him. I’ve taken his advice and feel much more comfortable with my instrument. I was ready to sell it before Simon spoke to me!

      Enjoy! God Bless:


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