Certificate Program

Need Direction? Need a Path to Improvement?

Please see the NEW WEBSITE for Accordion Honors Program & Retreat

Would you be interested in receiving a Reward for completing simple musical tasks that would improve your playing ability?

How about SMALL STEPS with at Certificate at each STEP – with each step (session) maybe taking a month to complete? – for mastering a few songs, a few exercises and learning some musical terms and technique drills?

How about a Performance Certificate at each session level? How about a MASTERS Certificate for completing both Performance and Teaching Levels?

I currently have the endorsement of Hohner US, Alfred Publishing, and many other Major Accordion Publishers, Manufacturers, and Accordion Artists (I will name names when I have their backing in writing!) – all stating this is long over due.

I am “gathering” the greatest accordion and music theory materials and compiling them into a concentrated – cohesive progression of steps – that will allow the Teacher/Student or the “self learner” – to know they are on a path that will reward as well as teach, know they are progressing toward a solid musical education and KNOW THEY HAVE THE BEST MATERIALS there is available.

How great would it be to brag to your accordion friends that you are Performance Certified Level 5? or you are Teacher Certified Level 8? or you are Master Certified Level 10? and all with a Wood Mounted Certificate to PROVE IT!!

Honors Accordion Program (Incentive Certificate) (HAPI) Complete Level 1

  1. Purchase all these books from Alfred Publishing
    1. Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory: A Complete Self-Study Course for All Musicians $US 39.95 (this will cover Music theory for Certificate Levels 1 & 2)
    2. Palmer-Hughes Accordion Course, Book 1 (this will be covered in level 1)
    3. Palmer-Hughes Accordion Course, Book 2 (this will be covered in level 1)
  2. Purchase the Certificate Performance Workbooks direct from Shelia – $30 per session (10 sessions per level) or $275 for complete Level 1.
    1. Each session – will include 1) the performance workbook plus 2) the assignment workbook AND 3) mp3 files – of EVERY LESSON BOOK SONG – both slow and fast tempos – with backtracks (with accordion part or without!)
  3. Purchase the Train-the-Trainer Certificate Workbook direct from Shelia – FREE if you purchase the Performance Workbooks – otherwise – $10 per session (10 sessions per level) or $75 for complete Level 1. If purchased separately – will include the mp3 files for each song.

The PH Books and the Certificate Workbooksare ALL AVAILABLE in PDF FORMAT – so they can be downloaded or Emailed. Sorry the Theory Book is not digital.

Certificate Performance Workbooks – are the detailed WEEKLY assignments – your path to improvement and development in your accordion knowledge and performance skills, and your instructions for submitting your completed work.

Train-the-Trainer Performance Workbook – is the detailed WEEKLY outline – your path to assist your student to complete the Performance Workbook requirements and your instructions for submitting your completed work. Great teacher hints and lists of additional tools to use while teaching.

You can complete all the material – without the WORKBOOKS – FREE – the workbooks are your path to receiving your certification for each session level. You will receive a PAPER Certificate – at completion of each Session Level – and a Wooden Plaque at the completion of each numbered levels.

Leave me an email or a comment – let me know your interest – I have level 1 & 2 ready to go – these are SIMPLE – they parallel the Palmer Hughes lesson books with all the extra material you have already found on this site! AND MORE PLANNED.

I will place a LINK here – to a page you can purchase all the books and workbooks direct from me if you wish. Search on this blog for LIVE – and select Level 1 Session 1a to get started.

P.S. – I already have over 200 people that have signed up for the Certificate Program – from all over the world – Turkey, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, USA, and Bulgaria! This is exciting – Can’t wait to hear from you too!!!


27 thoughts on “Certificate Program”

  1. Hi Shelia

    Is this program still running. If so i would like to join. I already purchase both of you books and just started on them.


    • Shelia Lee said:

      Yes – Edgar – email me and I will get you started on the Certificate Program. I am resuming filming this month – perfect timing!

  2. Miss Del Lesperance said:

    Hi Shelia

    Just found your website. Wow it’s fantastic.

    Sign me up for your Master’s program.

    Interested in the teaching program as well with all the books.

    Thanks for all the great info.

    • Shelia Lee said:

      Thank you Del. I will be emailing you – in the mean time you can get your books ordered if you don’t have them already. (PH 1 & 2 and the Theory Book).

  3. Shelia Lee & Megumi, Mario Pedone & Mike Kelly …. THANK YOU…. for all your hard work putting on the accordion retreat in HOUSTON this past weekend. I had a wonderful time with everyone there and sure do encourage you to continue with this yearly event!

    Being able to go play perform in your accordion orchestra at the fabulous Wortham Center in Houston Arts District… opening for the incredible ACCORDION VIRTUOSI…. will be a SPECTACULAR memory all of us!

    I am grateful to be a part of ALL your events Shelia! You ladies (Shelia and Meg) you are a true blessing to the accordion world

    Yours truly, Debra Peters, Austin Texas accordionist/music teacher.

  4. The Honors Accordion Retreat Nov 12 – 14, 2015 was well worth coming to. I was not able to stay through the 17th but after being introduced to the certificate program I am interested in the certificates and eventually gaining teacher status. My mom having started me on accordion from 5 to 8 years old then being of a later woodwind background with some classical /organ and piano, my theory for chords is very weak and an looking forward to learning and mastery in addition to the teacher that I already have. Please sign me up.

    • Shelia Lee said:

      Thank you so much for the great review of the Accordion Retreat – here in Houston – and it is not over YET – we still have workshops all day on Monday and Tues – with a concert by Sta on Monday night!

  5. hi shelia much thanks on this enormous blog i will let the boys in montreal in on this secret. By the way i play chromatic and learnt from the instructional books of medard ferraro,maugein,anzaghi and palmer hughs. I would like if possible more infoon certificate program .I have all ph books but would like to purchase if possible the jazz collection.anxious to hear from you

  6. I’m inteerested.

  7. Alan Nisbet said:

    interested in the teacher/performance certificate.

    • Shelia Lee said:

      Hi ALan, Fantastic – I have added you to my list and the material should be available by the end of Sept. (I am actually taking the month off from my music studio – to get this done!!!!) Great to hear from you.

  8. Patricia Moise said:

    I would be interested in the eventual teacher certificate program starting at perhaps an intermediate level ?
    Patricia Ottawa Canada

    • Shelia Lee said:

      Hello Patricia,
      Thank you so much – I will add you to the email list for the Teaching Certificate and email you all the details. I am excited you are interested.

  9. Sign me up!

  10. Steve McGaughey said:

    Shiela: Confirming Wednesday May 6 lesson. @ 11:30 am
    Steve from the Patti & Steve show.
    P.S. we’ve completed and turned in the mat’l for first two written workbook levels. Please clarify or send what we must do to complete performance requirements for those levels.

    • Shelia Lee said:

      I will have the Session 1 Level 1 material ready at your next lesson – but in the mean time – learn and be ready to play the first 7 songs in PH Book 1. Thanks

  11. Dianne Lansing said:

    Sheila, I’m interested in your certificate program. I’ve been playing for about 15 years. I have gone through Palmer-Hughes’ books, 1-6. The 1st part of the certificate program seems to be a review of books 1-3. Would that course be beneficial to me? Dianne Lansing

    • Shelia Lee said:

      Fantastic – I would love to see you be part of the Certificate Program. Along with your learning through book 6 – did you also follow a weekly regiment of good technique building drills, ear training, chord structure (intervals), and embellishing skills (on the fly) and other advanced solos outside the books? Do you currently have a performance repertoire of over 100 songs? You will have a strong foundation in all these areas plus over 100 solos by the end of level 1 – I PROMISE!

      This is what the certificate program is going to do. I have several adults that exactly at your level – but self admit that they are lax in their “drills” and “scales” department. ALSO – do you have the desire to maybe teach accordion one day? You can complete the Level 1 & 2 materials – from the “eye” of the teacher and then you would be dual certified – performer and teacher. OR just purchase the Teacher Track for Level 1 – and see for yourself – what is being taught.

      Sincerely – I would like to see EVERYONE start at the beginning. It will be easy for the first few levels – because it all builds on itself. I have a teacher that is going to run the entire program WITH HIS STUDENTS! His students will be certified right along with the teacher!

      I hope this has answered your questions. If not – Please email me – slee@shelialee.com and we can work this out together.

      Level 1 – will cover PH book 1 & 2. (which I expect your level of playing – can complete 1o sessions in 10 weeks!) Level 2 will cover PH bk 3 (etc). Sincerely – there is so much I introduce even in level 1 – that is NEVER touched or taught in the books – you will miss alot. I will create an outline of each level and post – so you and others can see the need to start at the beginning!

  12. I’m interested.

  13. Gabriel J Kolcun said:

    I am interested

  14. Ellen Grieve said:

    Me too

  15. Maurine Cavazos said:

    I am interested too!

  16. Mike Youmg said:

    Yes, I would like to enter your certificate program.

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